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Godišnjak Pravnog fakulteta u Istočnom Sarajevu
Published yearbooks

      Vol. I No. 1/2010

      Vol. II No. 1/2011
      Vol. II No. 2/2011

      Vol. III No. 1/2012
      Vol. III No. 2/2012

      Vol. IV No. 1/2013
      Vol. IV No. 2/2013

      Vol. V No. 1/2014

      Vol. VI No. 1/2015

      Vol. VII No. 1/2016

      Vol. VIII No. 1/2017


Faculty of Law in Sarajevo was established in the academic year 1946/47. In the course of the war, in the academic year 1994/95 the Faculty divided so that Faculty members of Serbian nationality withdrew to Srpsko Sarajevo – to Ilidža at first, and in the following year to Pale (today - East Sarajevo). The Faculty of Law in East Sarajevo shares legal tradition established in the academic year 1946/47.

By 1952 the Council of the Faculty of Law in Sarajevo had already published its “Historical-Legal Collection of Papers“, especially owing to Aleksandar Solovjev, LL.D, distinguished legal historian and professor of Belgrade University who, for some time, acted as dean of Sarajevo Faculty of Law. In the following year - 1953 “ Yearbook of Faculty of Law in Sarajevo“ was published.

Prof. dr Oliver Antić

Scholars publishing their papers in the first issue of “Yearbook“ were professors: Dragomir Krndija, Miloš Bajić, Leonida Lučić, Ananiije Ilić, Vojislav Spajić, Boško Perović; Assistant professors: Alija Silajdžić, Dragoljub Dimitrijević, Hamid Filipović, Stjepan Lovrenović and Assistants: Ahmet Salčić, Milivoje Erić and Mišo Semijan. Since then both Faculties of Law have been publishing their Yearbooks and Collections of Papers.

In academic year 2009/10 Scientific and Educational Council of Faculty of Law in East Sarajevo elected new Editorial Board who, according to the tradition, restored the original title „Yearbook of the Faculty of Law in East Sarajevo“ with the intention of having it ranked among the top-quality journals in its scientific and professional field. In taking on this formidable task, the Editorial Board invited into its working groups renowned scholars from across the world - different in ther nationality, religion and race but united in their credence that might does not make right, and joined in their effort to put ethics at the helm of law and restore people's confidence in justice. As our Nobel Prize winning writer once said: Justice is scarce in this world „but the scarcer it is, the more valuable it becomes; and yes, justice is slow indeed and sometimes late, but it will eventually arrive. This is why I always say: rely on justice and fear not!“

And though it is understood, let it be said anyway - “Yearbook of Faculty of Law in East Sarajevo“ remains open for both domestic and international authors and for all ideas, viewpoints, criticism and suggestions. The sole criterion for publishing papers will be the word of science and profession. Thus, let the knowledge, intellect and imagination fly from Vrhbosna and portray these regions in positive light!

Oliver Antić, LL.D., Full Professor

       Contributions for the Yearbook can be submitted through-out the year. All contributions should be submitted to the Editorial Board either by e-mail to the following address pravni@teol.net or to postal address: Yearbook of Faculty of Law in East Sarajevo, Yearbook Editorial Board, Alekse Šantića 3, 71420 Pale. When submitting their papers, authors should provide a signed statement containing personal details about the author, declaration that their work is unpublished, abstract and other information which might be useful to the Editorial Board. Submitted papers will not be returned to their authors.